Premio Mario Vargas Llosa

Granted yearly to one undergraduate Spanish major or minor who is a member of Sigma Delta Pi and who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in all upper-division courses completed and exemplary involvement in extra-curricular activities as related to Spanish. This is a joint award of Sigma Delta Pi and the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese.


(college or university)

Año (year)

Andrew Soria
Azusa Pacific University
Taylor F. Jones
University of South Carolina

Hannah C. Mistovich

West Chester University of Pennsylvania


Juan Esteban Villegas

Montclair State University




  1. Nominee must be a full-time undergraduate student;
  2. Nominee must have completed at least eight (8) upper-division courses (post intermediate level) total in Spanish language, literature and culture;
  3. Nominee must be a member of Sigma Delta Pi;
  4. Nominator must be a member of the AATSP;
  5. The completed "Nomination Form" (available fall 2014) and all specified supporting materials are due via e-mail by May 1, 2015.  Incomplete nominations are disqualified.

Selection of the award is made by a committee comprising leaders from both Sigma Delta Pi and the AATSP with Sigma Delta Pi’s Executive Director serving as chair.

Nominees will be selected upon the basis of academic achievement in all upper-division courses completed and extra-curricular involvement as related to Spanish.

Sigma Delta Pi provides the Mario Vargas Llosa Award recipient with a plaque, the most recent issue of the Maria Moliner Diccionario de uso de español and one of Vargas Llosa’s novels. The AATSP organizes and hosts the award venue at their annual conference in July.  Both Sigma Delta Pi and the AATSP provide the winner with financial support to attend the conference and awards banquet. The awardee will be announced prior to the AATSP Conference.

Nomination form available here in fall 2014.